Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday is the new Monday

After days of cooking ribs and crabs and doing deliveries, and making new friends in between, I am just about to be down with something.

I have a nagging migraine on the left hemisphere of my head, stuffy nose, and a sharp back pain.

These are the things I have to get used to. Sunday is the day when people love to eat with the family, and more and more people seem to be liking my rib barbecue. I hate saying no to any order as much I I hate bad customer service. So I will be patient...

People always ask me about the rib and barbecue sauce recipe. I tell them I invented it. Yes, I did my research, and yes I studied other recipes. And voila, after months of testing, and several pounds later, I came up with an invention hahaha!

I did not study in a culinary school but have always loved cooking. I do not think I am as adept in the technicalities of culinary art as others. I can say I am good at breaking down a flavor into its components. In short, I can taste what is inside something in more detail than most people can. And having such ability or talent if you can call it one, it is easier for me to create a certain flavor or taste or aroma in food.

My technique involves the layering of flavors. My barbecue sauce is an experience that takes you to these layers of flavors: sweet - sour - tangy - smoky - and a mild lingering pepper warmth. So why did I make it this way? Because I like it this way. I am a biased cook. I please myself first. I never intended to sell anything anyway. But since now that I do, yes, I have made some adjustments here and there especially when it comes to heat and spiciness.

I am inspired by the robustness of the flavors of Indian food, the zing of Thai food, and the variety of Filipino food. Ahhh, I cannot describe everything, because there are just too many... too many food, too many words. Do not get me wrong, I do not claim to be an expert... But I will work on it :)

Barbecued ribs are famous in the USA. But no one knows for sure if barbecue originated there. Anyway, with barbecue being all American (like cowboys, burger joints and diners), I became curious of traditional American food. I started experimenting with pulled pork barbecue, philly cheese steak sandwiches, onion burgers, and other stuff.

My goal is to make these American favorites a little bit more healthier and a tad less sinful. I think that is quite challenging to do, right? I agree. But I also believe that it is useless to make goals that are so easy. When goals are too easy, they should just be called tasks, and not goals.

My other goal is to open a take out counter for the barbecued ribs. It's going to have a vintage American diner feel to it. Oh, I am beyond excited...

I remember wanting to eat good (or great?) barbecued ribs late last year. And then I found myself, making one for myself. And then, Hans and I gave it to friends for Christmas. And then, we slowly got orders in trickles. And then, Meg wrote about it in Cebu Daily News. And now, I am swamped with orders and have a painful back, and a migraine to complete the deal.

Actually, one incident led me to this one being a serious endeavor...

It was after I heard someone (whom I trust to know real good food) say, 'Your ribs taste like the really good ones in Memphis'

It was all I needed to hear.

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