Friday, July 22, 2011

Dear Lie

Dear Lie,

Today I discovered so many things that came from your mouth from one of your good friends. If friends can say such things about you, it is then so easy to be your enemy. As much as I tried to ignore you, (because I really do not have any business with you anyway), your person reeks like a five year old compost pit.

Today I validated some of the things that I long heard of. You speak too much. Fortunately, people are not as ignorant as you are. You claim to be in the know of so many 'in' things, in fact you have these things, yet you cringe at the thought of buying a P1000 pair of jeans for your child. A super mom is never a selfish mom. So don't claim to be one.

You think that I am this evil bitch. Hey, it's the mirror you are looking at. Wake up! Look at you, it is you who depend on people for so many things. You have all the time in the world to bitch about so many useless things. I pray that you get a decent job so that you will not have the time to tell your friends lies about me being an irresponsible PARTY girl. If I have a social life that you envy, get one. It only takes a better personality than yours (oh, I guess that's quite hard right).

If I am irresponsible, what do you call yourself? At 30, I am able to buy things that you can only dream of having. Your bank account is probably smaller in value than my bag collection. So don't call me an irresponsible party girl because I have done so much more worthwhile things to humanity than you ever did your entire life (and you are OLDER!). I am independent, and I spend for my Mother (not the other way around). I do not depend on a man to buy me things that I want because I CAN AFFORD to buy them. In fact, please shut your mouth because in one way or another I have helped you send your children to school without you knowing. Shame on you, ingrate.

And yes, I have a 145 IQ. I heard yours is way down there. So don't ever think I that I can stoop down to your level. I cannot.

So just shut up. It is the best decision you could ever make before I decide to see you in court.


I pity you and your grammar.
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