Saturday, July 23, 2011

No accidents

There are no accidents, especially about meeting seemingly random people.

Yesterday, I realized that no matter how much I do not care to be liked with much effort, I do care about what people perceive me to be. I am a working woman and I have to be credible in my chosen profession.

Credibility is being with the right skills, being trustworthy, being an expert in the chosen field who embodies humility in the belief that one can never stop learning, that one can always be better. Credibility is also largely about integrity. Credibility is built by personal history.

History is never without controversies and anomalies. And that being said, I categorize your presence in my life, and the things you have done - useless anomalies.

Without it, my history would have been quite boring. Without it, I would not have tried lashing out harsh words in here. Freedom of speech without responsibility is nothing but yakking, really. You are good at that. Freedom of speech should not be mistaken for truthful eloquence. Do not pretend. (Do you know practice and practise? Hahaha!)

Anyway, thank you for making me realize how much time you have spent on me (although your research efforts were really bad). That made me realize how I am so blessed to be busy. And since somehow, you made it into my personal space this time, congratulations.

I do not believe that you are an accidental anomaly.

You are the best reminder to me, that no matter what ups and downs I go through everyday, I am way ahead of my time, and even yours. As long as I get up everyday and make the most out of my time doing good in what I do good, I will be fine.

You remain to be the greatest example of what NOT to be.

Thank you.

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