Thursday, July 17, 2014

Random thoughts on passions and gratitude

I believe that not all of passions can realistically be alive and should be made alive for our own good. Parenthood is one such event that changes everything and stirs chaos among our passions. It puts aside all of one’s passions – it comes first and rightfully becomes the number one passion (by default).
Because you are a parent, you have to earn money to raise your children. You scramble for anything and everything (legal I hope) that presents an opportunity to earn and make a living out of. Along the way, sometimes, you do get hold of something that is aligned with something you are passionate about. Call it luck, or whatever (I prefer to call it a blessing) – it happens to a few. The rest of the time, and for most of us, we simply make the most of whatever job, big or small, that puts food on the table and sends the children to school.

I consider myself extremely blessed to have this small food business and be mom to Andi. I have long forgotten about all of the “what could have been’s” had I pursued my other passions. I have learned not to ask for more. I have learned to be content with ‘enough’.

To my child, I will still speak of pursuing and encouraging passions – yes, but with a lot of practicality and astuteness. I recall that back in high school, I wanted to study literature and languages but I ended up getting a degree in MIS and later on, I found myself having a career in sales and much later, in this food business. All is well, and I would not change a thing. I have enough and I treasure what I have. It’s okay not to have everything.

Passion is lofty, sometimes too glorified yet fondly admirable. But I will never pursue it only for its own sake and my own. I will not pursue it at the expense of stability and my family. I would be studying languages somewhere far and spend all that I have now if I were to chase after one of my greatest passions – but I wouldn’t.

I admire people soaking in all their passions and making a living out of them. But it is okay to be NOT like them. Do not sulk nor feel like a slave if you have a boring job that hinders you from pursuing your passions. Maybe, just maybe, it is meant to take you to a different place, to something more meaningful, to somewhere you have never thought of.

Realize that you are not in full control of your destiny. Someone else more powerful than you is.
Appreciate what you have and think less of what you don’t. Most of the time, we do have enough. Yet most of the time, we are just not thankful enough.

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