Monday, November 5, 2012

Everyday Gifts

He will bring out the best in you but will still love you at your worst.

I loved the kitchen ever since I was a small kid. But I never took myself seriously as regards to cooking. And to this day, I am still amazed at how we were able to have 'everything yummy' - the restaurant that Hans and I built together.

I was the corporate woman and still am. I thought I was destined to be the boss. It was something I knew I could surely do. There were quite a number of  'Yes!!!' moments in the office when we hit targets or finish a big project. But it was cooking that made me a happier person.

Hans and I have been together for six years. We love food. We eat out a lot. We watch so many cooking and eating challenge shows together. On some days he would ask me to experiment making 'this' using 'that' ingredient or create a certain flavor he likes. But in all the six years we were together, his all time favorite among the food I cook is my Singaporean Pepper Crab. He fell in love with it the first time he tried it. And I loved making his belly happy.

I never really cooked that often in the past. It was Hans who inspired me to cook and experiment. He has a great appetite and is very critical. On some days, I want to bang his head with a pan (kidding) when he gets too irritatingly critical (and I get too 'pikon'). I never give up until we come to an agreement that our different preferences in taste have some sort of compromise and after Andi approves for kid friendliness.

This blog entry is to commemorate the blissful six years of my life with Hans and how he brought out the best gift that I have that brings me happiness everyday.

I used to believe that it was okay not to have a talent, because after all, I was good in mathematics. But I do not deny that as a kid, I sometimes felt sad because I could not sing, dance, nor ride a bike. I was only good in school.

No one is without a gift. No one is without talent. One day, you will stumble upon a person, a sight, or a thought that will lead you to this discovery.

As for me, it was a person. A very special one.

He has seen me at my worst but loves me every day whether I am a monster or a doll on any particular day.

Everyday, my heart is filled with joy.

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